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Top speed you did in M3? I got 200mph...

I recently got stationed in Germany, and was doing some top speed runs... I was wondering if anyone else here done something similar?

Problem with a top speed run is that most of autobahns, around my base, are curvy, hilly etc... so not a good place for top speed run.

I went to pick up a friend, a bit far away, and was able to hit 200mph (speedo) and car kept crawling. Unfortunatly I didn't record that run, but after telling couple of ppl about it, they were in somewhat of disbelief. I since have been trying to record another run like this, but all unsuccessful. 160-170mph is feasable on most roads (although little turns are becoming quite tricky at those speeds), even 190mph is achievable... however 200mph is eluding me, need to travel for couple of hours to get the right stretch, bad weather, work, etc. I probably won't be able to do one of those run until next season, when the weather starts getting warmer... So i guess i was wondering if anyone else was able to achieve this result?

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Here is one CRAPPY video of me trying... I know, I know, I putted the hand over the speed at the wrong moment, but at those speeds and with some traffic i felt safer with my hand there... last thing you see is 180, but you see the tach keeps moving.

Now, I have made another run this past weekend (during the day) and you can see a lot better (thou not great either... i can't find a good place to attach the camera). That vid has about 10 minutes worth of autobahn driving, with average speeds of 140-150mph (100mph-195mph), so keep tuned.