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Originally Posted by Mike Lu View Post
Probably you pulled the whole assembly out of the column (or moved the angel sensor) instead of just the coil spring, if that's the case, your angel sensor has to be re-calibrated, which is about 3hrs labor.
It is at most less than an hour to re-calibrate the Steering Angle Sensor. In-fact it is even a feature on the BT tool. Couple of clicks and done.

Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
Likely crossing the CAN high/low wires or low battery voltage. Make sure the wiring is correct before firing up the ignition.

There are no settings to store in PSW1, therefore constant power was not necessary. PSWII is a bit more advanced.

There have been no changes in wiring (at least where steering wheel installation is affected) from pre-LCI to LCI.
Almost definitely the DSC and DBS and uncalibrated SAS not crossed wires. Those are exactly the errors that are thrown until it is recalibrated (I know because they were on my own dash after install and disappeared after reseting the SAS). Also the signals wouldn't turn off automatically and is therefore another tell tale sign of needing to reset the SAS.

PSW1 does have memory (the same RPM redline that is user set being discussed in this thread that is constantly being reset), as I have one. Also the memory of the RPM calibration (different than the stored user defined RPM redline).

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