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Lap of MSR Houston, rear bumper GoPRO

1:51.7, stock MT E92 M3.

Ran out of 93, so I had 98 in the tank. Unfortunately Harry's Lap Timer was having some issues but I was able to time from the GoPRO.

I worked really hard all weekend to get this lap... trying to get better at throttle modulation (carousel) and really get my exit speeds up. This session came after I did two ride-along sessions in track spec Miatas. I don't think I really understood how to drive with "momentum" until those laps!

Thanks to Mark Perry for the ride in his ridiculous V8 powered Miata, and again for the laps in the 1.8. Thanks too to Richard from M-World for his email track-side support. And sorry to the guy in 1M for the late pass, and crowding his line.

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