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What's more important: Price/Service??

So I've been ready to order a 2012 E92. I've been working with a dealer down south. Problem is I can't get ahold of the CA to place my order. I've had to call in numerous times and all I ever get is his assistant. I have a local dealer that's ready to sell me a car but at a higher cost($1000). Perhaps I'm expecting too much? Is this standard? I've called in several times and am always promised an email or call with nothing. I can't imagine what it would be like to get updates on the production status if I can't even place a deposit. How long did it take everyone to get their orders in? Should I just wait it out or pay the extra money for what I have experienced as better service. The more expensive dealer has gotten me farther in the order process in a day versus what the other dealer has done in ten. Sorry for the rant, but I really expected purchasing an M3 would be a happy time in my life. I'm so frustrated I'm tempted to walk away from it completely.