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Klipsch. Beats are not terrible, but very overpriced for the sound quality. You're paying for a name/image with Beats, and if you don't care about that you can spend equal to Beats and get a much (MUCH) better headphone, or similar sound quality for much less. Same thing with Bose headphones.

I should also mention that the only "image" Beats holds any weight with is with people who don't know any better when it comes to sound reproduction. Out of the brands I've owned, Bose, Sony, Sennheiser, Beyer Dynamic, and AKG, Sennheiser is my favorite value brand, and Beyer Dynamic edging out AKG for the higher end of things. I've yet to own Klipsch, but have listened to them enough to rate them much higher than Beats in cost vs. quality considerations.

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