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Factory BMW software update questions.

I'm having the toughest time in getting this done. I tried installing my ESS software, but when I sent the file over, they could not give me a successful tune to load onto my ECU because my car has not been updated to the newest software from BMW.

I called the dealers, and not only do they want to charge me to update my ECU to the newest factory software, but they don't see the need to update it. They don't want to take the risk of ruining the DME/modules during the programming which would NOT be warranted.

My question is, are the dealers allowed to just update the software? I would think BMW comes up with updates to do just that, update the car to newer settings. I can see in their eyes, there is no need to update if there is nothing wrong with the car, but at the same time, the update is there for a reason.

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