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Went to this Casino called Artichoke Joe's up in san mateo area when I lived up there. Sat for 30 min, won one $150 hand on a 3/6 table and bounced. Pocket rockets to start, raised preflop but since it was limited, couldn't do much damage. Flopped Ace of heart, and two other hearts, knew someone caught a flush when everyone started raising.

5 people were in the pot and EVERYONE raised once before the turn except for me. Turned a Q of some other suit, another round of rasing. I just called, just couldn't throw away the trip Aces. River came up Q of hearts. My heart jumped, but I started yelling to my friend that was waiting for me, going... awwww wtf, these f**kers caught the flush, damnnn!!!!

Another round of raising, except I also raised, pushed 2 guys out, 3 of us left. Far corner guy turned over a pair of low flush, guy next to me immediately showed his nut, and I just said, sorry guys, showed me rockets, stacked the chips and left. Wasn't nice, but it was a weeknight and I was just out having dinner with a friend and happened to check out the place.