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Sophomore year of college my gf comes up to see me. Its been a couple weeks since weve seen eachother so we get going. Some time later we finish up.

Then we hear a squeak from the other side of my split double...then to door opened really quickly and slammed shut with a massive force.

I looked on the other side of the room and said, Josh? Are you there buddy? Like he was a sickly dog or something. He wasnt there.

Which only meant one thing, although he never admitted it to me...that he was there the whole time I was fucking my gf...

I actually have a second one:

I was 17 at the time. My gf had just spent the night over and this was only a month or 2 after I had lost my virginity.

So its the morning after she spent the night. My parents are up making breakfast and my gf and I are on the couch watching tv.

I guess this is where I should introduce my dog. He was still a puppy at the time and he had a thing for private parts. He always used to eat the crotches out of underwear that you left on the floor...stuff like that.

So anyway my parents have finished breakfast right now and they decide that they want to watch tv and sit on the couch beside where my gf and I are sitting.

My dog walks down the stairs all happy, walks into the room with me my gf and my parents there, with the condom I used the night before over his nose. His snout covered in the jizz kept moist by the lube in the condom.

Needless to say I was forced to clean up the dog, but I had to catch him first. So I ran around the room chasing the facialed dog for 5 minutes while my gf was in horror, my mom crying and my dad wanting to high five me.

Needless to say life was kinda weird for a bit there.

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