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In my experience, the silverstone II paint is a really hard paint. Next to your jeep, it's diamond hard.

the upside is I have practically no swirls and the last time I polished the was was in autumn 2010, about a year ago. (I use a 2 bucket method and srtip and wax the car every month)

the downside, the PC doesn't cut it when it comes to correction. last time I polished the car, it only had light swirls from washing, it took a surbuf pad (an LC orange did not get me anywhere) with meg 105 at speed 5 to 6 with a lot of pressure to achieve any work. It also took a lot of time. funny enough it was almost the only step needed, I still followed it with a white pad and meg 205, but it's a testament to how hard the paint is.

My advice is get a rotary for this one, that's what I'm going to do.