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Originally Posted by mshab356 View Post
Good to hear. Sucks that there are no power gains from AFE's intake (dyno proven).

OP, good luck and sorry about your troubles!

That is not true either...KitW dyno'd and got 6rwhp peak and up to 8rwhp in the a search. That dyno that AFE did was jacked from the get go. You are talking about EAS promoting their MS part and using a magazine article that used AFEs own messed up dyno. That car dyno'd stock at around 255rwhp I don't think that something was amiss?

Here is his dyno...also note the AF ratio was a tad richer with the intake..with some adaption (to lean it out a tad more) could have resulted in more hp to be had.

Either way the MS or the AFE are going to be worth the same can't keep reinventing the wheel.


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