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White or green cutting bad on a new m3?

So I am coming up on the time of owning my car for about 4 months and want to give it the first polish with my PC. I have never done a new car before.

So I ordered some light green cutting which I prefer to orange as they can actually finish nicely without "needing" to use a white/black finisher but with a new car I would definetly be fnishing with the white.

The polishes I have are from menzerna
-Intensive polish (light-medium cutting)
-final finish polish (minimal cutting/finishing)

So my question is with silverstone paint with no swirls or any "damage" would you suggest a two step process with green pad/intensive followed by white/final finish? Or with a new car would just doing the white pad with final finish be enough since there is nothing to really "correct".

On a related note I have to say the menzerna products are amazing! I polished my 10 year old jeep black cherokee and even with just the green cutting and intensive polish it looks brand new and finished down beautifully. I do not have motivation to do a two step on that thing! But if you are on the fence about products these are definetly better than Zaino or Poor brothers which are the other two I have used.