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Originally Posted by -=Hot|Ice=- View Post
I stopped wasting my breathe awhile ago. You folks should too. You're not going to get anywhere. BMW owners think that BMW's are Gods gift to man. They're either A.) Snobby 16 year old's who have mommy and daddy buy them the car or 2.)Badge Whores. I don't even own a GT-R or an M3 but I can accept the fact that it's a beast and punishes anything out there. I classify it as a supercar.(I think that's what started this whole debate)

Move on with your lives. Be happy with what you have. I have a C63 AMG Coupe with P31 coming in and I don't have any regrets.
+10000000000 .. I am the original poster on this thread and I'm afraid this thread has turned into pure crap! ... I love both cars... and I love all high perf cars, each with its own character flaws but each one with its own strengths.... I have a M3 now but my hope is within six months I'll have a GTR... and i know I'll always have a soft spot for a M3.. reading all these poser posts about the "brand name" etc and the character / personal attacks above make me sick! ..