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Originally Posted by mattixxg View Post
I was too. I heard its 0 to 60 at 2.8 or 2.7, but i expected at least 30 HP.

They call that "trolling" on here. So basically you have to agree with all of the absolutely false statements they say (the select few) about the GTR.

Notice how they keep skipping that fact....
Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
Frankly if a Boss 302 can hang with a gtr, 458, or Gallardo it would be a supercar but it can't. You offered up one piece of evidence. How would it do around the 'ring or any number of other courses. It would lose badly to the Nissan and other supercars. Christ, it would also get pasted in a straight line.
You obviously don't take my opinion too seriously but you're willing to say practically every respected car reviewer considers a GTR a supercar are wrong? I offered up three guys that know cars a hell of a lot better than anyone on this forum and every one of the said the Nissan was a supercar.
But a suppose you know better than Tiff Nedell, Jason Plato or Jay Leno.

And as far as rational arguments are considered I have offered plenty. All you GTR supercar deniers can say is its not exotic, which isn't a prerequisite, no that there are "intangibles"(ie you can't quantify it).
I stopped wasting my breathe awhile ago. You folks should too. You're not going to get anywhere. BMW owners think that BMW's are Gods gift to man. They're either A.) Snobby 16 year old's who have mommy and daddy buy them the car or 2.)Badge Whores. I don't even own a GT-R or an M3 but I can accept the fact that it's a beast and punishes anything out there. I classify it as a supercar.(I think that's what started this whole debate)

Move on with your lives. Be happy with what you have. I have a C63 AMG Coupe with P31 coming in and I don't have any regrets.