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Re: Supercar, fine, it's supercar, but the only thing you've done is lowered the bar for 'super car' and created another tier of vehicles, another group that the GT-R is not in, a group above and beyond the reach of the GT-R.

Originally Posted by erio View Post
That's one test at the twisty Laguna Seca. The fastest laps link in the link you posted showed a different outcome with the 2012:

I probably couldn't find many more as they don't typically even bother comparing the two cars. The Boss is not even in the same ballpark...apples and oranges. It's the overall performance capability and engineering of the car. A Boss and M3 are not that far apart performance wise. Also, I never said it's the fastest car out there.

A 2012 ZL1 Camaro holds a faster ring time than a Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4SV, does this mean that the Camaro and the Lambo should be mentioned in the same league, in performance MAYBE, in class, or level ...No way, they are designed for very different buyers, purposes, and criteria.

That is my point, I'm trying to bring the GT-R back down to earth but the owners in this thread seem to be very reluctant to either: A. bring the GT-R down to earth, or B. throw it's rivals like the z06 at or above the GT-R.

It amazes me to see how easily a Ferrari 458 is brought into the equation, long before a z06 is. The GT-R might have similar performance numbers to a 458, but these cars are miles apart in design, price, purpose and customer base.