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Originally Posted by F10-500 View Post
gtr is too fugly to begin with, let's see, the name nissan reminds us of ugly cars such as these

and when they slap a gtr badge on the back of the car it ends up looking like these

0 - 60 under 3.5s

- boys with sausages will always approach you
- makes ricers hard, really hard if you got a ricey kit shipped from japan
- dumbass owners/dreamers back at nagtroc will give you AWESOME car dude!
-tranny and diff could possibly fail at any time, drag racing or taking her to the track, it sucks that much because it's a damn nissan with renault's final touch up
- boys are still trying to get your number and hook up with you, it's all about the 0 - 60 + launch control
- poor quality inside and out
- $2k for the damn rubbers and they handle like shit in the wet
- the awd system overheats
- missin oil cooler
- car is too ugly and only fanbois can spot you on the highway or in parking malls
- the dealer treats you like shit and could possibly kick your door to get it closed right infront of your eyes
- when the tranny fails they send a tech from japan over to ship it back and mail you the invoice and lie to your face and tell you it's not fixable, better get the cheque ready buddy.
- the damn turd is a dick magnet, do you get it ? it turns boys on not girls, STD will be on the way not a baby
- the list is too long it may take a week or two to complete it, but you get the idea ugly + fragile = fail

and if you think you can launch the car whenever you want, you better think twice, cause sooner or later you'll end up pissing all over the track stock or modded, this is nissan's nature in designing poop cars, ready to send $20k ? cause they won't sell you the diff alone, the damn thing along with tranny comes with it

Amazing post. Well done.