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Originally Posted by sharp1183
Nope, not anymore. She threw his ass out.

Well, truth be told, they're both famous for their "singing" as it were, though I use the term loosely, especially in Ashlee's case

Jessica is famous from singing, but you may also have seen her in such classic and quality TV programs as "The Newlyweds" and err...I don't know what else Nothing? Come to think of it, she may have been a Mousecateer, but who really cares? You know that's a pretty bad resume. Kind of makes me wonder why some people are so popular like her and Paris Hilton--very poor and minimal acting experience and everyone goes crazy for them.

What has this stupid world come to? You know, Green Day is right in a way. We're all idiots here in America, aren't we?

I'm afraid you're right. Unlike us guys though, when a girl is "good looking", and of course that's all very subjective, but at least when Hollywood lablels a female as such, she suddenly becomes "all things to all people". While many guys may not buy a Jessica Simpson CD, they may watch her shows or shows she's on, buy the mens magazines she appears in.. then all the girls/women will buy her cd's, books, perfume, dvd's, and read all the regardless it's a win win situation for the celebrity and hollywood, and as long as these things keep happening, you'll keep seeing them...