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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
What amazes me is the strawman BS you puke up. I have never said the GTR can beat everything and anything. I have never said the GTR doesn't have flaws. I have defended the car against garbage like "its just a Nissan" "its not a supercar because it doesn't cost a half million dollars" .
What's even more amazing is the fact that you, a non GTR owner, comes on and rips GTR owners when they defend the car they like from purely unhinged crap.
Where is the ripping, it hurts to read your posts because you side step the entire point. You simply can't accept that performance numbers do not make a 'super car'. Intangibles and price are actually a part of the definition of a super car, it's something that is very expensive and typically an insanely great performing car. This is the entire draw of the GT-R, super car performance at a fraction of the price, it's not ripping, it's fact.

If you think a GT-R is among the list of super cars, well then by your definition a BOSS Mustang and a Z06 should be spoken of in the same sentence with Pagani and Mclaren, do you realize how crazy that is???

Again, this is not ripping just a matter of perspective, not semantics. Performance is one aspect vs. intangibles like a zonda's exhaust, or it's carbon fiber door panel.

You are taking this again personally, without applying a rational arguement.