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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
Here is a stock mustang that beat a GT-R and a host of other cars, is this Mustang a "super car" - If a GT-R is a supercar, by yourdefinition so is a Z06 and Boss Mustang

It amazes me easily you guys forget that there are other cars out there that can compete and or beat the GT-R.

What amazes me is the strawman BS you puke up. I have never said the GTR can beat everything and anything. I have never said the GTR doesn't have flaws. I have defended the car against garbage like "its just a Nissan" "its not a supercar because it doesn't cost a half million dollars" .
What's even more amazing is the fact that you, a non GTR owner, comes on and rips GTR owners when they defend the car they like from purely unhinged crap.

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