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VS Motorsports Shop Pictures Before the Move!

We wanted to share some pictures of our shop and equipment in Buffalo Grove IL. We have been here for about 1.5 years and will be moving to Schaumburg IL (Where we first started off in 2007) in December. We are very excited to move and have been itching to get out of our current shop due to the size. The pictures below were taken to show some of our equipment we use and to see the transformation from our current shop to our new one.

The new shop is much bigger (12,000 square feet compared to the 3,700 here) and will give us the extra space to have a dedicated area for our long term projects and other development projects we have. Right now, there are two customer race car builds and two of our own. Having the smaller space we are in now, with our day to day work, is not the best to have with long term builds. We like to have a dedicated area for long term builds from start to finish.

There are some things missing but we will save the detailed pictures when we are fully settled in Schaumburg!

*When you First walk in you'll see a picture of our E46 M3 racing at Road America and a few of our trophies

*Hunter Road Force Balancer

*Hunter Tire Mounter

*Winzer Bolts/Nuts/Misc Shop Supplies

*Mig and Tig Welder. Along with the Nitrogen Machine but we are trying to sell it before the move.

*Hunter Alignment rack computer

*Top of Hunter Alignment Rack.

*Right side of the shop where the E46 M3 is getting a sub frame reinforcement and our E46 M3 chassis before the chemical bath.

*Couple random parts in our back storage. Black wheels were recently powder coated for a customer and the Motons off our race car.

*Schroth Belts hanging up

*Evo VIII Motor.

*Picture from the back with the Alignment rack and one of the two post lifts.

*Green E36 M3 being built to BMW CM and NASA GTS

*Blown Diff from a customers car before it is packaged and sent to diffs online for a rebuild. Also Our E46 M3 front sub frame from our T2 race car.