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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
First off we're talking about stock car. Secondly show me a tuned mustang that can hang with a 458 around a track. Thirdly if you can dig up such a monstoristy tell be the money they put into it. Fourthly check the video I just posted and tell me what Tiff and jason referred to the GTR as again.
Originally Posted by erio View Post
It's the overall stock package. I don't think you will find any mustang, even modded, and esp. a civic that can provide the overall performance in terms of technology, handling and speed that come with a 458, GTR, zr1, etc. Lots of engineering go into these cars that the aftermarket can't really match, esp. for use as a daily driver. We are not talking about stripped down track cars. Mustang and Civics were not engineered that way....nor is an M3. That's the difference. Show me a civic that can take a turn at over 1g like a GTR or can even come close to it's Ring times. No freaken way.
Here is a stock mustang that beat a GT-R and a host of other cars, is this Mustang a "super car" - If a GT-R is a supercar, by your definition so is a Z06 and Boss Mustang

It amazes me easily you guys forget that there are other cars out there that can compete and or beat the GT-R.