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I met this chick at my buddies party and she asked me to take her home. I did and we started going at it in her room. She rolls to get on top of me and we roll off of the bed. Huge smashing noise and all the shit on her night stand goes flying. We get back on the bed and I get on top of her. Just as I do that, I hear the door behind me open. I can see my shadow on the wall in front of me as well as the shadow of the person in the door. I just freeze. After what felt like 5 minutes the door closed and we finished up. Afterwards I asked her who that was and she said "oh yeah I forgot to tell you, I live with my brother" lol. That was soo weird. Never talked to her again.

Story #2. I went on a blind date with this real barbie looking chick and ended up taking her back to my hotel room in Hawaii. We get in the room and she starts screaming at me to "F*%#$ her in the ass!" Like literally screaming at me. So of course I did and then she left. End of story. lol