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I know how you feel. When I was in your shoes(2 years ago) I bought a cheap but fun sports car(350z) so that I could purchase a house easily. After 2 years of owning now I am ready to buy my m3 and even then I am going used with an 09. I make about 70k a year as well and I dont spend money on dates to much(maybe 200) since I have had a steady girlfriend and most of my free time is consumed sitting on the couch playing video games or at the gym playing bball or lifting...both of which are really cheap hobbies. I would buy a house first and then get into the car you want. Dont have your first big ticket item purchase be a liability item.

If you want to speed up your car buying purchase then buy a house(3br) and rent 2 rooms out. This works out really well if you live near the university or have a few good friends around you who rent. This would give them a good opportunity to lower there rent while at the same time contributing to your mortgage .