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Macht Schnell Stage 2 Crappy build quality..

Seriously i saw this today and was pissed off..

So here's the story. ever since i installed my ms intake it has fallen off maybe 4 times in 2 weeks? but after that i managed to make it work fine for about 1-2 months.

Today i heard my engine sound really nice and i knew it had fallen off again.. so i checked and sure enough it fell off.. but this time the pcv valve that was glued on came off with it as well.

So, i had no choice but to reinstall my stock intake and thats when i got pissed off...

for some reason the part where the MS intake meets the pipe had seemd to have melted and the shape of it is off.. so Theres a HUGE gaping hole between where the bottom of the filter is.

Im so annoyed at this... nothing i can really do is there.. but dammit man... cant imagine how much crap has went in to my engine unfiltered because of that retarded gap... i guess it was lucky for me that my pcv valve fell off... if not i would have just reinstalled the thing and wouldn't have seen that huge hole..

JUST A WARNING TO ALL WHO WANTS TO BUY MS STG2. im not the only one with problems.. i just wished i saw everyones problems and decided not to buy it. here are some pics to show you what i mean

This last pic i put my finger in the gap. for ms owners u know that part is solid plastic so its impossible for me to pull it like that.

Update: 5/2/2013

i knew something would happen eventually. my pistons have holes on the top now and engine block is scratched. guaranteed its from this! running for dont know how long with a huge gaping hole from the intake pipe.. worst decision ever..

Pictures coming up soon.
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