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Originally Posted by dibxna View Post
not to take away from our threads true aim here... but i let my buddy who drives a tc drive my m3 and he about pooped in my seat. especially with the meisterschaft exhaust which basically makes the car sound pissed off its just a blast man! you'll love it and its totally worth the wait!
just makes me grin from ear to ear............reading that....

anyways, on a serious note to OP.......i am assuming that the 3200 you quoted is the "take home" minus taxes and deductions. And I hate to say this ('cause I know the feeling of having to hold off on something that you really me, been there before), but to put it bluntly - a brand spanking new M3 is out of budget, period. cost cuttings and everything aside, it still is out of budget. U r 22, believe me, things are going to pop up that you are gonna want to do, eg: taking off with friends for a weekend of revelry to NYC, or vegas and you want to do these now at the age you are at!!!!!!! I know an M3 is an M3, but would you really want to miss out on those memories just so that you can have an M3 parked in your me, not worth it!!!!!

And there are going to be M3's all the time - a CPO 2012 3 years down the line, or the new generation M3/4 that will be coming out soon - there always will be cars, but this time.......when you are a financially independant professional who can afford a certain fun....... you want to make the most memories out of it that you can carry forth, rather than ruing that you could have made that trip with your friends if you didnt have that big a car the end, you'll be happier.........

Or your other option is, a 2-3 year used M3 now (say about around 35-45K range)........just my 2 cents