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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
$800 for food and entertainment a month? You won't be able to go on a date. Seriously, with that budget you'll be eating ramen noodles and watch TV all month.
Damn... I don't know if it's cause I generally don't enjoy going out much (my favorite thing to do is stay at home with the lady since we can....; plus I can cook)
....but how much do you guys really spend on dates??

I have had multiple girlfriends in the past and never have I spent more than $50-100 on a date.... and this is stretching it by quite a bit
And I tend to eat out multiple times a week. KBBQ, sushi, Italian, etc.
Even with this it won't be more than $500/month.
Guess I'm just lucky in finding non-materialistic ones haha.