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Can I afford an M3?

- 22-years-old; graduated this past May
- Fully employed, making good money: ~$70K
- After 401k contributions, health insurance, etc, my take home pay is ~$3200
- I rent for $900 a month, includes all utilities
- $14K in debt from financing an 04 330i zhp 6 speed (which I bought less than 3 months ago lol)
- I am confident that I can sell it back to someone for $15K or even $16K because I bought it for such a steal.
- Insurance costs me around $150 a month for the ZHP
- I fill up once a month, for around $60

So, assuming I sold off my ZHP, my monthly expenses are:

$3200 - $900 (rent) - $800 (food & entertainment) = $1,500 for a car payment, insurance, gas, and savings.

I really regret going to the dealership and test driving an M3 because now it's all I can think about. I'm addicted to the thought of owning one.

What are my options here? I'm thinking about doing the BMW Select Financing with a brand new car that's spec'ed to my liking.. or I can purchase a used one.. but I really do want the competition package. There was an AW 11 model at my dealer with 3K miles and the comp package for $65K.

In the truest sense of the word, no, I cannot 'afford' this car because I cannot pay cash for it. But I can 'afford' to make payments. Should I do it? I'm thinking that if I do do it, it'll be after winter.

I'm also toying with the idea of purchasing a condo next year. I want to take advantage of the buyer's market and historically-low mortgage rates, but at the same time, everyone in my family says I need to wait longer because the market is so uncertain. Further, one of my co-workers who purchased a house as rental income out of college says that, while she doesn't regret doing it, she would have waited a couple more years if she could do it again. So I'm not too committed to the idea of buying a condo until I'm say, maybe 25 or 26.

What do you guys think? Should I go for it?!