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Originally Posted by Greenkirby21 View Post
nope, car is RWD. Reason being the limit is 875. So I can either go with smaller tires (340 square set up) and super light rims, or I can go 360 square set up with the stock rims.
Since I'm not running in R2 here's my 2c on it.

Here's what the effect is:
Running "taller" wheels, say bumping from 19's to 21's has 2 effects.
1. Shortens the wall height of your tires: this slightly removes a little
give in weight transfers. depending on how stiff and balanced your setup
is you may notice slightly higher responsiveness to inputs, but if your setup
is already on the soft side you probably wont notice an effect.
2. Slightly reduces the transferred torque at the road, because of the wider diameter. So if youve been unable to eliminate wheel spin at the rear
at the engines max torque point via damping, this is an additional tweak
that you can make.

My personal bias, in this game, is this order of preference,
1. handling, so go as wide on the grip as the car allows
2. power to weight. go as light as you can without compromising #1.
this is almost always aftermarket rims. Ive found the lightest to be
- Watanabe
- Advan

so if your damping settings allow you to run the smaller rims go with
that with widest possible setting on both front and rear, especially
the rear. But if you need to run taller rims, you still want to choose
the lightest that you can.

use the "benchmark" feature to test each combination paying attention
to the effect on 0-100 times, braking distance, and Lateral G's.
shorter wider lighter rims will improve all of those metrics ive found,
they just dont look as good .

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