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Swapping M3 Seats

I was hoping someone would be able to give me some help.

I recently bought a 2011 e90 M3. The seats are heated, memory, leather, but do not have adjustable lumbar support or power width adjustment. I didn't realize that the seats didn't have power lumbar support and they are very uncomfortable.

I've been fighting with the dealership to swap the seats in from another M3 with lumbar support but they keep saying the seats won't work in my car. The part number for the seat module is the same whether or not the seat has lumbar or not. My understanding is that the power lumbar support and power width adjustment aren't part of the memory function for the seat, so I'm having a hard time understanding why they wouldn't just be a straight swap. The dealership is claiming that at the very least there would be re-coding required, at worst, that they will not work at all.

Anybody have any thoughts or experience on this?