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Reporting back. The diff nut is under torqued on mine on the driver side. The nuts start moving at around 35 lb/ft. However, I can't put my torque wrench at the passenger side nut though so will get a crowfoot before I tighten up both side.

The subframe bolts are also under torqued at around 59 lbs.

Car is a 2011.00 E92, 6mt. 22560 miles on the odometer.

Never launched my car, actually I don't remember ever taking off really fast off the line. 95% freeway driving. I would really like to know if these bolts were not tightened up to spec at the factory or they came loose over time, or the washer compresses over time. A bit discouraging none the less. I guess I will check them again in another 10k miles or so.

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