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I was just wondering the same thing, I was about to post a thread until I saw yours, so thanks for saving me the time at least. I have 3 E9X's parked outside, two of them are 2011 and the one I just picked up is a 2012, the first two I just went WOT from day one but this one I'm taking it slow. Just got the 2000km break-in service done after just 3 days, yes I was eager. Now I'm going to slowly push the limits until 5000km BUT ONLY WHEN passing, otherwise I might void the warranty. My SA also told me after I get that service done then from 5000-6999 I should only go WOT twice as to protect the engine and keep it from using absolutely ANY amount of oil, also, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT use launch control until 79999km.

Side note - OP that other thread you made about the sounds when downshifting, I'm having that trouble also. It seems like our cars are related and were born at the same time in the same place at the same plant. Did you ever figure out on how to resolve the issue? I'm curious, my 2011's are fine but my 2012 sounds like it swallowed a fucking velociraptor and farts out BOV sounds, I think it wants to get a VT-650 put in and a barbie doll style intake, what are your thoughts on that?