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Originally Posted by MattE92 View Post
whats the difference between azurite black and jerez black?

From one of my previous posts, in this thread:

Originally Posted by TTBear View Post
Like I said, Azurite is very difficult to photograph. To many, it will look JUST like Jerez, but it is not. The flakes are more pronounced, the blue is deeper, and the colour...... glows..... for lack of a better term, more than Jerez. It is probably closer to Carbon Black, but with larger metallic flake.
And recently, someone pointed out that the actual flakes in Azurite are blue - this is something I failed to notice previously, have concentrated more on the background blue colour.

There IS a difference, of course, between Jerez and Azurite. The difference is, to me, more than just academic. I have always been a stickler for details, and as such, I can appreciate the difference, and am very happy with it.

This past summer, my car was parked next to two Jerez black cars at a car show. There were 50+ people who commented on the Azurite positively, in comparison to the Jerez - that was cool, but at the end of the day, it's for me, and that suffices!
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