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Originally Posted by -=Hot|Ice=- View Post
The M3, IS-F and RS5 are all 'wannabe sports cars' You could put the C63 AMG in there as well(debatable there). The GT-R will rip the M3 in new one in EVERY performance category. Sitting at 95k it's a bargain because cars that match the abilities that it has are OVER $150,000. The GT-R Produces supercar numbers. I think that puts it in the supercar category. Despite the GT-R's weight, it is still able to out perform anything that is under 100k bar none. The 911's Turbo S not being a supercar is what cracks me up. The GT3 not being a supercar had me laughing on the floor. The R8 V10 not being a supercar, O man, I had a field day with that. Please stop blabbering while you're ahead.

What's funny is that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. I think you're the one that needs to get a clue. Now, on the iggy list you go. Not in the mood to get any warnings.

By the way it's *perfect sense."

I'd like to have a conversation when just once, someone that can see beyond the damn badge comes in and is able to have a proper educated discussion. Damn fanboi's. That's it for me and this thread.
First off -- it is rip "a" new one not rip "in" new one.....sorry, had to reciprocate with the English lesson.

You say that a GTR's performance is greater than the M3 which any sane person does not deny. And therefore, in your mind, that makes the GTR a supercar? Wow, didn't know the M3 was the "bar setter" in determining one's supercar status.

Nothing else under $150K matches the performance numbers of a GT-R?...ever heard of a ZR1 or a Viper ACR? And to answer the question that will come out of your pie, neither one of those is a supercar. They are simply outstanding performance cars that do not exude any level of exoticness........just like the GT-R.

I got news for you --- the only Porsche supercar is the CGT. A Lambo Murci, Aventador are supercars. A Ferrari 458 is a Supercar. An SLR Benz is a supercar. Koenigsegg, Pagani, Veyron, all supercars. Audi and BMW do not make a supercar. Nissan sure as shit does not make a supercar. Get over it. It has fantastic performance numbers but it NOT EVEN CLOSE to being a supercar. You can tell by my signature line that I am no fanboi of any manufacturer or bow at the alter of the BMW roundel. Having said that, I love my E92 M3 but at the end of the day, I realize that it is still a BMW. A great car but nothing overly special when considering everything else out there at all price points. The GT-R is the same damn thing just with better performance numbers. At the end of the day ----- it's a fucking Nissan.

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