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Originally Posted by -=Hot|Ice=- View Post
I think my answer was implied as a yes. Anyone with common sense would of realized that. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.
So on one hand you are saying a car with AWD, weighing 3,800+/-lbs, with NAV, no manual transmission, a back seat, IPOD interface but has 480 HP is a sportscar but one that has 420 HP, NAV, a backseat, weighs 3,500 +/- lbs, with an OPTIONAL manual transmission isn't. Yep, makes perfect sence to me......get a clue man. You can't have it both ways.

And I'm sorry you woke on the wrong side of the bed.

GTR a Supercar? Now that shit right there is funny. A GTR, any 911 version Porsche, an M3, an R8.......not a one of them is a Supercar in any respect.

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