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^ haha. got it. I guess I wasn't clear but thanks for pointing out the detail. But bascially if my wrench clicks before the nuts move, I understand it can still be off spec either side but I am not going to loosen it and retighen it as it's "factory" spec so if it still fails that way down the line, it's bmw waranty. Don't want to run the risk of them claiming that I loosen up the bolts to cause the failure.

On another side note, the last time I checked under my car, the 4 subframe bolts started moving when my torque wrench was at 59 lbs. I just found out that the torque spec on these 4 nuts are suppose to be 73.7 lbs (100NM) on the regular 3 series. I am assuming the M3 should have the same torque spec at 73 for these 4 bolts. Anyone got info on these? I am going to check these also this weekend and report back. but off by almost 20%?!? Not encouraging