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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
It is not a difference of opinion, it's in poor taste. I don't care what people think about the M3, they like it, they don't, it's really their choice. But I'm sick of hearing about how much of a POS or how horrible an M3 is, I think it's a huge distortion of reality, and I feel I need to comment to control the fan boys in their plight to circle around and use the M3 as a punching bag.

What is annoying is that you guys talk out of both sides of your mouth, in one post you praise the M3, in the other you trash it.

CdnRockies did it in one post, calling the M3 a benchmark and saying it is a 'wannabe' . This clearly is an illustration of somebody using words, they don't know the meaning of.

The M3 is the benchmark in it's class. That's a fact. It doesn't change the fact that it's a 'wannabe sportscar' While it may be close to a sports car experience, it gives up too much. This goes for every car in this class. What I can appreciate is he sees beyond the badge(Unlike some people). As good of a car the M3 is, the car in today's words has some major drawbacks. Instead of calling everyone a troll, take a step back and think outside the box. Don't be a fanboi.

With that said, the GT-R pretty much blows everything that's not a supercar out of the water.
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You sound like my buddies who have AMG's - Slam the gas, slam the brakes...