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OP the best way to lose it is to diet. don't eat and bleached carbs like white rice, pasta, white bread... if you eat carbs stay with multi/whole grain. try and get most of your carbs from vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, or sweet potato even. try to maintain a 3 to 1 ration of protein to carbs for every meal and break your meals down of 4-5 meals if you can. make sure to drink water consistently. when your body is hydrated you tend to digest better since being hydrated speeds up you metabolism.

as for exercise if able do weights that a body with more muscle tone will burn more calories, as far as cardio you don't want to do one exercise consistently you want to do interval training, a great class to take for this are spinning classes or aerobics classes offered in gyms. interval training keeps your heart rate altering which is the fastest way to burn fat without losing muscle.

another thing to take into consideration are supplements ask your trainer what he recommends. I would say take Multi vitamins, B-12, 10000 iu vitamin D, Glutamin, creatine, protien, arginine.