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Originally Posted by DnA Diesel View Post
Roger that, but this wording, while technically true, implies (IMO not 100% honestly) that 4K recording happens at 35mm:

Only at the very bottom is the little * indicating that the 4K movie mode is really only APS-H 1.3 crop, vice the 35mm. Yeah, the info is on the page, but not up in the main text where the 35mm and 4K record rate are just a few words apart...
the APS-H is closer to Super35 - which is cinema 35mm. Red is kinda doing the same thing: the 5K 12fps STILLS is the full sensor area, where the 4K video recording part of the sensor is Super35 sized, which is close to the APS-H height. Also, RED does the 5K, 4K, 3K, etc.. difference by using a smaller portion of the full sensor, as opposed to taking the whole sensor and downsizing like the 5D2 does. Make sense now? That's why they have the disclaimer.
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