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Originally Posted by krnboy817 View Post
if you think about it... yes you are right. but just day to day driving wasnt bad with the V6 and i guess you dont really think about the weight.

but when you really think about it... its as if you would of gotten better MPG if you had a bigger lets say V8 engine that didnt have to scream every time you gas it.

and its most likely the heavy weight stress that made most of the parts fail.
The '08 had the 3.6 V6, the '05 that I had was a 3.2 V6, that difference added like 30 hp... trust me the car was about one of the least pleasurable driving experiences imaginable with that motor.

The new Touareg with the TDI motor seems to have all those quirks worked out and is much much lighter although reliability is yet to be seen but I wouldn't hold my breath.
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