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Originally Posted by boostd92 View Post
So what then do you recommend for muscle gain and fat loss?

I'm 165lbs 5'11" and in good shape. If I flex, I have a visible six pack, but at rest it's getting a bit sloppy. I'm hitting Cancun up in 2 weeks and would like to bulk up a bit in the chest/shoulder area while at the same time cutting my abs. Seems like I'd need to eat MORE to bulk up, and LESS to trim the abs... impossible simultaneously?
2 weeks? Lol dont expect more than water weight gains or loss.

Correct about gaining muscle and losing fat - one required a surplus the other a deficit. If you lean out you seem more muscular, so that could be an option.

Without seeing a picture, given your stats I would bulk. Lift heavy and one you reach a decent weight slowly cut to minimize muscle loss.