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Originally Posted by bblefas View Post
how about the bmw apps? my m3 was built this past july 7--11-2011 how do i know if i have it ? i still have the window sticker and its fully loaded with all the options except rear power hoping its in there and how do i open up the weather and google options I'm lost here!!! salesman six sold the car to me and that was it...havent hearts from him...
In your idrive menu go to connected drive and then BMW online - the home page will load up (if it doesnt load or if it says the function is not available then your dealer hasnt set the car up for online - speak to them and tell them to do it!) Once online has been set up by the dealer you can go to BMW services on idrive and it will list all of the online/connected drive functions available to your car. On the home page it will display news, weather etc etc. You can also do a basic google search (its similar to entering a nav destination). The basic search will allow you to search for hotels, waterparks, golf courses, restaurants etc etc in a location you specify - it will then display a map showing the location of the search term - it will provide a phone number and an option to start nav to the place (sometimes it will show photos as well)

You can also send routes or places you want to go to from your laptop to the car so you can plan a trip etc from your house and when you get to the car its all there waiting for you. You just go to google maps on your laptop and when you have the route or place on the map click on 'send to car' - the info will appear in idrive under bmw services/messages. You need to register with BMW connected drive to get a password for this function (speak to your dealer or register online) - once you have the password you can also log on to connected drive from your laptop and access many other functions. Here are some links that will give you some info on all of the functions/services available:
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