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Originally Posted by Malekreza11 View Post
We have installed tons of top-speed products for people.. Usually they need to be re-fabbed for fitment.

None of their products have even been entirely TIG, only the small portions have been TIG welded (such as 02 bungs, exhaust tips). The piping has for the most part been MIG welded. In most cases too, the steel had magnetic properties, something SS304 should not have. Sometimes, SS304 can become magnetized around the mandrel bend, but its always best to check the straight sections and thats when it became obvious what they were using.

On the E46 cars that would purchase the rear section mufflers, the customer had to go back to a fab shop and have the unit corrected because it did not fit and the tips were very crooked.
Hmm. Interesting. I guess that makes sense, I don't want to deal with fitment issues. I have the Akra slip on, and that thing is a work of art.