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Originally Posted by Malekreza11 View Post
At the very least, SS304 is necessary and many manufacturers are not even using that, they are using aluminized steel which is polished out to look good. These types of units will not last, and as I mentioned earlier, there are members on this site that can attest to this.

While I do agree that things could be cheaper, but unfortunately, this isn't really possible if the unit is manufactured here in the U.S. Sure it is possible to send it oversees, but then the company would be opening the doors to a whole lot of other issues such as fitments, quality control, consistency, product being knocked off easily, no control over the quality of materials used.

I understand when people say Akrapovic is expensive, but it is also made of Ti.
Yes. You are right. T304 is the basic and necessary grade for car exhaust. I don't know if this unit is made oversea or not but the seller stated it is made with T304 grade with TIG weld.
" Brand New TOP SPEED PRO-1 2.5" O.D. T304 Stainless Steel 1.8mm Thickness Material Exhaust Middle H-Pipe X-Pipe *** Mandrel Bend Piping + TIG Welding "
I guess it might worth a while to try it out. Since from everything I know, this has the same spec with some of the brands that sold on the forums for thousands..
Again Akrapovic is a different story as the purpose is not only about performance gain but also about weight saving and style.

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