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Originally Posted by Dannys M3 View Post
This statement is completely false. I would like to know your qualifications to say this. I have been certified as a CWI (certified weld inspector) by the American Welding Society and I am currently qualified to do VISUAL WELD inspections at a Nuclear Facility. If you want to talk about pressure retaining welds then yes I also do radiography and ultrasound. The visual appearance of a weld has everything to do with its structural integrity. This is a gas tungsten arc weld also known as TIG (tungsten inert gas), you should look for adequate fusion at the toe of the weld beads and porosity. The welds are difficult to see. The photo of the "X" section show welds of less than desirable quality but I highly doubt they will come apart. The prices currently being charged are ridiculous.
thanks for adding some sanity to this discussion