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Originally Posted by bblefas View Post
i have 19' zcp which i like but I'm always want better or more.really my zip's are not forged ? hmmm??? thats a heavy wheel....but i been checking some out like ,my buddy here in boston has the alloy technic or something like that and they weigh like 20lb.....IK WANT LOKS AND PERFORMANCE.. WEN U SAY PERFORMANCE LIKE IN TRACK CARS SOME i see a lot of volk nlike smaller in diameter 5-spock i can't stand that look man i hate it Do u know what I'm talking about...some ugly my opinion...
Correct, zcp wheels are not forged.

Yeah, the problem with wheels is everyone's taste in wheel design/style is different. Do you want a lighter wheel with a similar style to your zcp or a wheel with a completely different look? How much are you willing to spend?

When I asked about performance that could either be a dedicated track wheel (most likely 18" because of track tires) or a 19" lightweight wheel for street use. A favorite wheel of mine is the Forgeline ZX3R in 19" (Forgeline has been around a long time and many professional race teams use their wheels). The ZX3R would be an excellent choice for the street in 19" and the track in 18". They've released a few new "competition" wheel designs recently plus they have a large selection of street wheels. The Volk G12 is a nice looking wheel, and if you like HRE then either the P40S or P43S are nice - however, not sure if you'll like any of these except for perhaps the P40S.