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Originally Posted by dbarnes View Post
Got it - missed the "buy during winter..." the first time!

Which stock wheels do you have - 18", 19" non-zcp, 19" zcp? I believe the 19" non-zcp are the lightest stock wheels because they are the only forged wheel. Stock wheels weigh between approximately 24-26 lb.

If you go with 20" wheels you'll end up with a fairly heavy wheel plus 20" tires tend to weigh more as well so your wheel-tire package is going to be heavy.

Are you looking for better performance or looks? Do you plan on ever tracking your car?
i have 19' zcp which i like but I'm always want better or more.really my zip's are not forged ? hmmm??? thats a heavy wheel....but i been checking some out like ,my buddy here in boston has the alloy technic or something like that and they weigh like 20lb.....IK WANT LOKS AND PERFORMANCE.. WEN U SAY PERFORMANCE LIKE IN TRACK CARS SOME i see a lot of volk nlike smaller in diameter 5-spock i can't stand that look man i hate it Do u know what I'm talking about...some ugly my opinion...