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More torque and it probably shifts harder in S6 than any 6MT driver, it's VIOLENT. I bet M5's have softer/bigger bushings, they definitely have a different subframe arrangement, and there aren't very many of them and even fewer are driven hard very often. The M5 uses an M16 bolt instead of an M14 bolt for the rear mount and the front mounts appear beefier (maybe hydroformed instead of stamped, and larger) and hang down less than the mounting ears on the M3. The M3's mounting ears might be twisting quite a bit more than on the M5 which are basically rigid mounts with bushes. I wonder if this is where Malek is focusing his reinforcement kit. The M5 also uses shorter M12 bolts on the front. A couple of pieces of 1/4" plate and some longer 12.9 bolts could do the trick.

I don't see many DCT owners in this thread so I think that's part of it too, even though it's herky-jerky feeling sometimes the SMGIII is probably still better than most 6MT drivers from a drivetrain protection standpoint.

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