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Originally Posted by Wes. View Post
What is this all about, anyway? You sold some wheel locks to him, he claims that you sold him something else and then opened a claim with paypal? Am I missing anything?

What does he think you sold him?
I quote: "these are not wheel locks, got it?"

Pretty much

I mean, when he originally emailed me, I told him I would gladly refund him if I indeed sent him the wrong item...

I responded 1 minute after he emailed me.

but instead of responding to my email, he files a paypal claim...and responds, rudely I might add, DEMANDING that I immediately refund him his money.....

A) You have to return an item before getting a refund, this isn't common practice, it's a PayPal rule
B) You have to be POLITE and RESPECTFUL

In all honesty, I would have easily refunded him his $$ had he been kind and respectful; I don't like demanding, rude, irrespecutful people.

I can easily sell it again to someone else, that's not a problem.
I would lose the $5 shipping, big whoop, it's not worth all this crap.

But he's just such an a$$hole!

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