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Originally Posted by MR///M3 View Post
The wheel in that link isnt even an ADV.1 wheel. 360 Forged has nothing to do with ADV.1 except the owner, I highly doubt they use the same company to make them.

Also, PINHEAD is just a huge huge ADV.1 hater. For no reason, because he definitely never owned a set or probably even seen a set in person or even dealt with that company.

Also, i think if you don't have any FIRST HAND experience with ADV.1 (not any previous companies owned by the owner) or any company at that, you don't have the right or qualifications to be able to say anything about them.
i love this, its just gets better and better. first of all, i have seen ADV wheels in person. They look nice. Ive also seen 360forge wheels in person, they look nice too. who cares how they look when we are talking about QUALITY here. anyone can cut a rim to make it look nice and clean, but you dont know the quality until you put it to the test. Well shit nobody is going to drive the shit out of their 4k wheels, so we RELY on testing results, certificates from JWL, TUV, etc. They so far, only have bullshit and bad publicity and a bullshit track record. They have not proved anything they claimed. All the ADV owners get butt hurt because they didnt know the history of Jordan and 360Forge and what makes a quality wheel, actually, quality. customer service has NOTHING to do with the wheel, we are not talking about customer service here. Even then, some friends of mine have been waiting on a set of ADV for months. Keep bumping and replying in this thread, the bigger it is, the more people know, the more ADV's reputation is hurt. I personally, love it, and really couldn't give a shit because my rims cost more than a set of ADVs anyways.