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Originally Posted by FrenchBoy View Post
Discount Tire or Les Schwab "should" be able to do the job. I think most people around here are fairly particular about their cars and don't trust a tire mounter that handles rims for Camrys and Accords all day long to pay particular attention/care about the M3 rims and proper balancing of the tires.

It's probably just in our heads though ;-)
I took my car to Karl at Tight n Tidy because I had a vibration in the wheel around 70 MPH. I previously took my car to Discount Tire thinking they'd do as good of job as any but even after two visits they weren't able to get rid of the vibration so I took my car to Karl at Tight n Tidy.

Karl dismounted my wheels to find that they were all tightened about 80 ft/lb of torque when they were only supposed to be around 30 ft/lb each. I watched while he rebalanced the wheels only to find that all of the wheels were grossly misbalanced. They were all so bad that I'm guessing Discount purposely misbalanced them.

In any event, Karl got me back up and running in less than an hour and the vibrations were gone. All of the work, including mount/dismount, was well under $100.00. I can't recommend Tight n Tidy enough! You can tell they are really passionate about cars and racing. They are awesome people.

Just my $.02.