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Originally Posted by Malekreza11 View Post
How a weld looks does not constitute its quality or durability. A chop saw mated tube weld will look the same as a cold saw mated weld, however one will over time crack and fall apart, while the other will not. That is just tiny example.

Cheaply made products will not survive multiple track days per year, especially for those who use the car in the snow and also track during the warmer seasons.

The S65 power plant generates a tremendous amount of heat and exhaust velocity.
The chinese factories that are making this and most of the other exhausts sold for these cars are not using chop saws. If you have bought and used one, you know that while they are really cheap, they are messy, take a long time to cut, are messy, and leave a rough cut that requires clean up. They are probably using band saws. If you have used one, you know they are pretty cheap, cut very cleanly and cut very quickly. It is also possible they are using more expensive metal blade chop saws but that is unlikely given the blade cost compared to the cost of a band.

I ran replica USA spec Supersprint headers for 2-3 years on my 400 rwhp centrifugal supercharged E36M3 with no issues. While I would love a titanium midpipe, I am not willing to pay for one. I will probably buy something along the lines of the one at issue in this thread or maybe the one Megan may be developing. In looking at some of the "name brand" midpipes, I see X sections that don't look very well done and I have no confidence the welds are any better done or the piping any higher quality.